Sophie Marie Frauscher, Mag. art.

or simply Sophie. I am a freelance Stage and Costume Designer based in Vienna, Austria.

What excites me most about my profession is, that it is not only designing at large but it is telling and supporting a new story with every theatre or film project I am working on. 

The Imaginary Space gives me the chance to present all of my different approaches to storytelling in one place - be it through Costumes, Set and Stage Design, Paintings or Illustration.



Salzburger Festspiele, ÖBB, Erste Bank, Life Ball, McDonald´s, T-Mobile, Schauspielhaus Chemnitz, Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord, ArgeKultur Salzburg, Kunstquartier, Judith Williams, Cura Cosmetic Competence, Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität, Mondi ...


2010-2015_ Study of Stage and Costume Design, Film and Exhibition Design, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg



2018 | Set and Costume Design - Short Movie "Hilferuf" Director: Aidan Don

Props - Commercial "Endlich zurück: Das McMenü" Client: McDonald´s, Agency: DDB, Production: PPM, Director: Christopher Schier

Costume Design and Props - Commercial "Fairplay im Zug" Client: ÖBB, Production: PPM 2.0, Director: Sebastian Mayr

Costume Design and Props - Music Video "Mapache" Client: Cari Cari

Costume Design - Wiendrama "Feuersalamander 451" Director: Valentin Werner


2017 | Stage and Costume Design - Schlosstheater Celle „Effie Briest“ Director: Adnan Taha

Stage and Costume Assistance - Salzburger Festspiele „Kasimir und Karoline“ Director: 600 Highwaymen, Stage and Costume Design: Anneliese Neudecker (Nominated for Nestroy Spezialpreis)

Costume Assistance and Wardrobe - Short Movie „Zingerle“ Director: Eric Weglehner, Costume Design: Christian Alfred Kahrer

Costume Assistance - Life Ball „Style Bible 2018" Director: Gery Keszler, Costume Design: Benedikt Muxel

Costume Design - Short Movie „Delirium“ Director: Marie Maitrot


2016 | Stage and Costume Design - Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord „Atmen“ Director: Eva Lange (Invited to Offshore Festival Bremerhaven)

Costume Design and Wardrobe - Short Movie Trailer „Citadel“ Director: Anastasia Skavinskaia

Costume Design - Short Movie Trailer „Tag wie Nacht“ Director: Philipp Slaboch

Costume Assistance - Salzburger Festspiele „Die Feenkönigin“ Director: Elena Tzavara, Costume Design: Elisabeth Vogetseder

Stage and Costume Design - Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord „Die lächerliche Finsternis“ Director: Eva Lange

Costume Design and Wardrobe - Short Movie „EMMA“ Director: Daniel Limmer


2015 | Costume Design - ARGEkultur Salzburg „Romeo & Julia rebooted“ Director: Valentin Werner

Costume Design - Short Movie „Mike´s“ Director: Lukas Leitner


2014 | Stage and Costume Design - Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord „Deportation Cast“ Director: Eva Lange (Invited to OpenOhr Festival Mainz)


2013 | Stage and Costume Team - Mozarteum Salzburg „Ein Sportstück“  Director: Tina Lanik (Ensembleprize and Undergraduate Prize - Treffen deutschsprachiger Schauspielstudierender)

Costume Design - Mozarteum Salzburg „Das große Shakespeare-Abenteuer“ Director: Adnan Taha


2012_ Costume Design - Schauspielhaus Chemnitz „Das Prinzip Meese“ Director: Eva Lange